Charcoal a Badger
In light of current events, this class will now be run 'virtually' (as a streamed video) accessed via an emailed invitation-link (the video of the class will also be accessible for a limited time after the class has finished).
As students will need to use their own art materials (listed below), the price for the class has been reduced to £15.

In this fun class we will be using the dry medium of charcoal (and a touch of pastel) to create a lovely picture of a badger.

Equipment List:
Sheet of standard Pastel Paper (Pale or White)
Sheet of Pastelmat, Fine Sandpaper or Hahnemuhle Velour
Masking Tape
Ideally a board to tape paper to for support
Charcoal stick
White Chalk
Pale Cream Conte stick (or Stabilo CarbOthello No.692 Pastel Pencil)
Putty Rubber (soft)
Kitchen Roll/Paper Towel
Wipes to clean your hands
Rough piece of scribble-paper
Hairspray (for 'fixing') - we will fix the re-work onto the piece
If you wish to add colour you can include the following Soft Pastels:
Yellow, Green, Mid Brown

TutorNiki Bell
DateThursday 9th April
Time10:00am - 12:30pm

If you would like to book a place, please give us a call on 01442 866632 during opening hours.