Acrylic - Hockney Style (Remote via zoom)
In light of current events, this class will now be run 'virtually' (as a streamed video) accessed via an emailed invitation-link (the video of the class will also be accessible for a limited time after the class has finished).
As students will need to use their own art materials (listed below), the price for the class has been reduced to £15.

Niki Says, "Using David Hockney as our inspiration we are going to paint a wooded landscape using acrylic paint."

Equipment List:
Piece of mountboard approximately 15cm x 30cm
Masking Tape
Medium Round Acrylic Brush
Detail Acrylic Brush
2 Jars of water
Small board (e.g. chopping board) covered in greaseproof paper to use as a palette
Kitchen roll/Paper Towel or an old teatowel
2B Pencil
Eraser (e.g. Pentel Hi Polymer)
Gesso Primer
Acrylic Paint - White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red
Paint Pens/Markers (e.g. Posca) - White, Pink, Orange, Green
Permanent Marker (e.g. Edding or Sharpie) - Black


TutorNiki Bell
DateTuesday 7th April
Time1:30pm - 4:00pm

If you would like to book a place, please give us a call on 01442 866632 during opening hours.