Collagraph Workshop
The workshop will start by participants making a simple still life composition based on images (images can be provided but it would be good if participants bring their own favourites that they would like to explore).
To design the collagraph it is best to break down the shapes into their basic forms to look at 'zones of tone' rather than line.
The plates are made up of the mountboard base and textured wallpaper, glue and varnish. Peeled board reveals the fluffy interior which will trap a lot of ink. Glue will resist ink and the other materials create mid tones.
A simple composition with minimal texture can still be read spatially through the careful placement of tone.

A simple line drawing is the basis of the design. No need for a complex drawing as the lines are just a guide as to where to place the tones.
From these guide lines the plate can be made using the textured paper, cutting knife and glue.
Once the plate is built it is given a thin layer of varnish to protect it.
Once the plate is dry there are several ways to ink it up:
Intaglio - a single colour be inked intaglio with all the information carried in the low parts.
A la Poupee the plate is inked intaglio in more than one colour and selectively wiped.
Relief where the ink is rolled onto the plate and all the information is carried on the raised surfaces.
Relief and intaglio combined.

All Materials Included - aimed at ages 14+ to 80+

Please note that there will be a 1/2 hour break for lunch so please feel free to bring a packed-lunch or get some grub from one of the great food-establishments in town.




Tutor Susan Erskine-Jones
Date Saturday 21st April
Time 10:00am - 4:00pm
Cost 65.00

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